Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jitterbug Phone Has Made its Way to the RIP-OFF REPORT

Billed for phone for a month even after my Mother passed away. They did not care. They only want there money.

Mpls, Minnesota


Irvine, California
They lost the payment check for my fathers phone

They cashed the check and applied it somewhere, but never applied it to my dads account. They are now not responding to emails. They will cut off my dads phone service.


Poetbroad says she is in trouble with the family now for choosing Jitterbug Cell Phone by Great Call Inc.

poetbroad (02/11/2009)

I think Jitterbug intentional targets an audience (seniors) that doesn't have much saavy about cellphones, and then proceeds to rip them off. I've reported them to AARP, FTC, and BBB and now here. We got one for my husband's grandmother and I've been in trouble with the family for the choice ever since!


Martha says in Jitterbug Cell Phone Review: "Coverage Poor & Customer Service Was Worst She Has Ever Experienced."

Martha January 26th, 2009 at 7:25 pm

I cannot recommend Jitterbug. The coverage was poor and the customer service was the worst I have ever experienced. You should google “Jitterbug complaints” to read about many, many people who have been very dissatisfied with this company.


Lady At Airports says Jitterbug Phone Company Lies to Customers and Staff

Jitterbug Phone
Posted: 2008-05-31 by Sam

Rude Customer Service -- Poor Service

Complaint Rating: 100 % with 9 votes

I ran into a lady at the airport as I was fiddling with my mother's jitterbug. I was frustrated and trying to get a hold of a CSR to dispute the billing. She chuckled as she told me she had a friend that used to work at the company. Her friend would not buy a jitterbug for her mother due to the billing issues and lack of service. She told me that her friend was overworked and under appreciated -- and that she complained about the management that was notorious for lying to staff and customers. We had a delightful conversation and somehow I cannot forget her as I look at my mother's jitterbug. I have read the jitterbug blogs. I only wish I had done so sonner. Everything in these blogs is true! Jitterbug is really a scam. I am researching other handsets for my mother. In doing so, I truly don't believe the company understands their demographics.

From: http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/jitterbug-phone-c70538.html

Letter from Jitterbug Customer

DF said...

This is the WORST company I have ever dealt with. I have also found quite a few blogs with similar messages from people who have also had terrible experiences with this company. I'm a 50 year old woman who purchased a cell phone for my elderly parents last year. The HORRIBLE service began almost immediately. After countless months of unsuccessfully trying to get Jitterbug to provide me with service, I have begun to take other actions. I have many, many friends and hundreds of professional peers in my age range who are also looking to purchase cell phones for their elderly parents. I'm making sure they all know that Jitterbug should be avoided at all costs. I have posted on blogs; I have posted on my Facebook profile; I have sent out emails and talked personally to a lot of people. My sister, who purchased the phone with me for our parents, is a long-time teacher in a large school district and knows literally hundreds of other teachers in her age range who might be thinking about cell phone purchases for their parents. She, like me, is making sure they know about Jitterbug. As if the awful service and management of this company were not bad enough, the phone was purchased for my parents medical emergencies. During the time Jitterbug has held their phone hostage, my father passed away (my mother needed her phone -- which had already been paid for in full -- to contact people concerning this medical emergencies). Despite repeated promises that I would have the phone returned to me by last week (which was about the 10th promise I've had that I would get it back), it wasn't. During this time, my mother -- who is still recovering from the death of her husand, to whom she had been married for 53 years, fell in her yard. She was unable to get up and had no way to call anyone because Jitterbug won't return her phone. She was stranded for 30 minutes and broke several of her fingers. You can bet that story is what I'm telling people in my communications about the worst company ever. DF