Friday, January 4, 2008

More Complaints About Jitterbug

Posted by Henry Ford on 12-31-07 on Complaints Board

Jitterbug is not an honest company. I was hired in september 2007 as a customer service agent. it was at the time they switched to a new system. those that had used their credit cards for the initial sale ONLY, got put back on the system...billing never notified any of the customers. and jitterbug started making charges on their card without notifying any of them. we dealt with more complaints and cancellations than actual service for a solid month. old folks were told they paid for a full year up front, $99 - then 5 months later they get slammed with a bill. no warning of any kind. apparently the $99 was to pay for the switch/conversion, from the original SOS service to jitterbug. so if they wanted to keep the service they had to pay an additional $99, on top of the last 5 months of service. billing denied it. on top of that, they said if the customer wanted to dispute it/try and prove it, to send in the sales receipt by fax. (how many old folks have access to a fax?) which everyone knows at jitterbug, there is NO first sales receipt. the first sales pricing, is spread across 1-3 different billing statements. the sales department is commission ONLY. they lie about the activation charges, they lie about the area code procedures, they cant even get the right addresses, they spell street addresses wrong, spell the names of the customer wrong, they lie about the so called '2-3 day shipping'. that never happens. abe is rude, arrogant and very shallow. thinks he is gods gift. supervisors are always gone. no one is ever around to help. and if they are, they wont or cant get the information to help the customer. i had 2 supervisors walk away when i asked for help. they sent out over a 1,000 phones in a period of 2-3 weeks. none of them were activated. they are suppose to be activated and ready to go. it took WEEKS to activate these phones. WEEKS. we had some old folks call in after having the phone for 2-3 months, finding out that their phones were never ON. they never had to use it. so when this one 93 yr old lady got locked out of her house, she had NO way to call for help. her jitterbug was NOT activated. she had to WALK around her neighborhood until someone answered their door to let her use their phone. they never refunded her for those months of NO service. jitterbug charges people mysterious fees all the time-and on credit cards. customer NEVER authorized the credit card to be used after the initial sale. it got to the point i had to quit. the stress of having to try to explain to the customers their bill, trying to find an order that was promisd 2 weeks prior, finding it under someone elses name, and knowing their were right, finally got to me. i felt like i was seriously screwing old folks over. i didnt last more than 2 months. i hated hearing little old ladies crying about their bills. getting over drafts because jitterbug charged them twice for a service that was paid for, months ago. one 72 yr old lady got 4 over drafts because of the sales dept lying to her about when the money would come out of her account. those over drafts and charges took her food money and rent. 98% of these customers are on FIXED income. did she get a refund? not right away. takes up to 30 plus days to get a refund. some customers are still fighting for their refund and it had been over 3 months. this is the first company that i have worked for that has deliberately lied to these people they said they would help. lied about the costs, the charges, the services...dishonest, filthy company. it has not kept its promises, it has not helped these people. service is horrible. the price is horrible. the dishonesty is disgusting. jitterbug is a negative environment. those people are only in it for the money. go with verizon, or at&t. companies that have been around and know what they are doing. with real trained supervisors. and a real billing department.


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