Sunday, January 6, 2008

Yet another complaint and dissatisfied Jitterbug customer

"Are you kidding me? The Jitterbug Cell Phone is a rip-off. 30 minutes a month costs $15. 60 minutes cost $20/month. 150 minutes cost $30/month. 300 minutes cost $40/month. 800 minutes cost $80/month. This company is a scam operation. They are notorious for charging customers for calls they never made and generating consumer complaints. The advantage Jitterbug aka Great Call Inc. has is that senior citizens often don't have the energy to fight back after being ripped off. The sons and daughters of Jitterbug's customers should really be looking out for their parents and filing complaints with the FTC to get their parent's money back and shut down Jitterbug and Great Call Inc." -- PR 12/17/2007

"I totally agree. I just cancelled my father's service. The first bill came in at well over $150.00 for 20 days. It claimed my father made almost 100 phone calls during that time. My father hasn't made that many phone calls in over a year. This is a scam. Beware all seniors." -- Yodie 12/27/2007

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Anonymous said...

This post really shock me that customers are facing problems.At least this thing should not be happend.