Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Great Call Inc. Receives 42 complaints to BBB in just 12 months

Great Call aka Jitterbug receives 42 complaints in just 12 months to the BBB.

Contrast that to the much larger Cingular Wireless in San Diego which had just 19 complaints in 36 months, 3 times the period that Jitterbug received 42 complaints. That is just the people that complained to the BBB; it does not include complaints to Jitterbug's customer service department or the Attorney General.

Who are you going to choose? Jitterbug or Cingular? I think the choice is clear.


MTT said...

I'm wondering if anyone has the number of complaints BBB has received prior to Dec. 2007. I'm rather suspicious of BBB's number -- particularly the number of complaints filed within the past year.

daniejoys said...

Jitterbug has more complaints because only the elderly contact the BBB or complaint boards. Lets face it old people like to complain.