Saturday, February 16, 2008

Great Call Inc. is a Scam Operation says Alan Green

"Disagree with you Todd -- and besides you may want to verify the name of the VP you spoke with, seems like everyone is a VP at that company. I wonder who truly does the work. I have made a New Year's resolution to discontinue my service with GreatCall. I generally like to give businesses a chance to perform exceptional customer service but after speaking with several of their reps; it's hopeless. The company is a scam and just wants to make a buck; they don't care about their demographics. I would check out the competition and check out the blogs before making decision to purchase this phone/service."

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donald said...

JITTERBUG [AKA Great Call] seemed to be fine for about one year; then I got some questionable phone charges and when I called customer service; I got a bunch of sexy and trashy phone talk that I don't need!!

Don Oderkirk