Saturday, March 29, 2008

Miss Georgia Lynn Harris unable to make 911 calls with Jitterbug Cell Phone

20 days ago by Miss Georgia Lynn Harris

I know first-hand that Jitterbug is a rip off. I live in North Florida half of the year and Southern California the rest of the time, and my cell reception is just awful when I travel. Not to mention, I've been scammed on my bill for 6 months now with all kinds of extra charges that are not mine. My oldest son has to call and handle it for me because the Jitterbug customer service gets my stomach all in knots. They have some rude youngsters working up at this company who would just as soon spit on you than help you or solve the issue. Also, I have personal health problems and I wish Jitterbug would work so I could have the 911 handy. Jitterbug is a real disappointment and they have let my family and me down.

More upset customers adding to Jitterbug's and Great Call Inc.'s bad reputation as a provider of cell phone service seen @

"Their return policy sucks. I ordered 2 phones. They billed me 1/2 @ $176.00 I returned the phones due to size. They billed me $52.38 but left the $176 on the credit card instead of remitting the $176 at the same time they added their new charge. Not quite what thei ad on return policy states. I won't quibble about the return fee, but it is a bit high. My conversation with them to return it was neither rude nor friendly." -- Ray Walker

"I agree totally that Jitterbug is a rip-off! I ended up calling and cancelling my service which I never actually recieved because they never set up my phone for me, but still charged me for it! I called 5 times to complain about not being able to use my phone, and nothing got done about it. Seemed like they just wanted to keep stringing me along. They didn't try very hard either to make me happy when i cancelled, all they did was offer to give me back my set up fee. I said no way, i'm fed up and i'm returning the phone. It's their loss, because I was so excited about getting it and all it turned out to be was a huge dissapointment and an even bigger headache!!! " -- Heather

"Yes, I also have had problems with Greatcall. They keep charging bills to my credit card that I think are way too high. They won't send me an itemized bill although I have requested it several times. I will probably cancel soon, but I hate to waste the $175 I spent on the phone." -- Lee

"Good luck trying to cancel [Jitterbug cell phone] account. I have called their customer service line to cancel, and they say they will call back. They don't. I have sent emails to their Customer Service email address. I even had my credit card company block the billing. They just keep sending bills." -- Samuel Smart

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